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Sanli Faez
Assistant Professor at Utrecht University
Nanophotonics section, Ornstein Laboratory
Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science
Center for Extreme Matter and Emergent Phenomena
Princetonplein 1, 3584CC Utrecht, The Netherlands
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 3302
Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 2801
Email: S.Faez (AT)


  • February 2017, "Interfacing superconducting qubits and single optical photons" (arXiv) is accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters (Update 4/4/17 published). In this theoretical work, I have collaborated with Sumanta Das, Anders Sorensen, and Vincent Elfving from the Niels Bohr institute to work out the theory of coupling optical and microwave photons using a single molecule as a quantum bridge. The coupling in our scheme is mediated through the electric dipole-dipole coupling between a Cooper-pair box and a molecule inside a waveguide. We have realized the optical part (coupling of organic molecules to an optical nanoguide) back in 2013 (PRL) in Erlangen. An important step for integration of this scheme on a chip is reported in a recent preprint from Sandoghdar's group.
  • October 2016 "Polaritonic normal-mode splitting and light localization in a one-dimensional nanoguide" is accepted for publication in Physical Review A. You can read this article here or its preprint here.
  • July 2016, Our preprint about "Interfacing superconducting qubits and single optical photons" using single molecules embedded inside optical waveguides is now on arXiv.
  • June 2016, " Intersystem crossing rates of single perylene molecules in ortho-dichlorobenzene" is published in PCCP. By studying the power dependence of the correlation times and contrasts in the autocorrelation functions of single molecules, we have determined the ISC rates of perylene for the first time.
  • June 2016, My proposal "Capturing reaction kinetics on a diffusing nanoparticle" has been granted by FOM. In this grant, there is funding allocated to a PhD-student and an electronics technician. Apply for this PhD-position here.
  • January 2016, In September 2015, the Faraday Discussion on single-molecule microscopy and spectroscopy brought together leading scientists involved in various topics of single-molecule research. It attracted almost a hundred delegates from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experience levels – from experimentalists to theoreticians, from biologists to materials scientists, from masters students to Nobel Prize Laureates. You can now read our report of this exciting conference.
  • January 2016, What if we could perform Millikan's oil-droplet experiment with a virus or a single molecule instead of the oil droplet? In this preprint I envision some applications for such an experiment and argue that it is feasible with the existing technologies. This research project is also available for open review here. A brief summary of the necessary background knowledge is gathered here in this self-journal.

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