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  • July 2016, Our preprint about "Interfacing superconducting qubits and single optical photons" using single molecules embedded inside optical waveguides is now on arXiv.
  • June 2016, " Intersystem crossing rates of single perylene molecules in ortho-dichlorobenzene" is published in PCCP. By studying the power dependence of the correlation times and contrasts in the autocorrelation functions of single molecules, we have determined the ISC rates of perylene for the first time.
  • June 2016, My proposal "Capturing reaction kinetics on a diffusing nanoparticle" has been granted by FOM. In this grant, there is funding allocated to a PhD-student and an electronics technician. Apply for this PhD-position here.
  • January 2016, In September 2015, the Faraday Discussion on single-molecule microscopy and spectroscopy brought together leading scientists involved in various topics of single-molecule research. It attracted almost a hundred delegates from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experience levels – from experimentalists to theoreticians, from biologists to materials scientists, from masters students to Nobel Prize Laureates. You can now read our report of this exciting conference.
  • January 2016, What if we could perform Millikan's oil-droplet experiment with a virus or a single molecule instead of the oil droplet? In this preprint I envision some applications for such an experiment and argue that it is feasible with the existing technologies. This research project is also available for open review here. A brief summary of the necessary background knowledge is gathered here in this self-journal.


  • November 2015, How does light propagate over a linear chain of atoms that are embedded inside a dielectric waveguide? How is this propagation influenced by disorder or dephasing? Can we reach a regime of strong coupling in this system and observe Rabi splitting? These questions are addressed and theoretically investigated in our new manuscript.
  • October 2015, Manuscript about tracking viruses in nano-channel fibers is published online in ACS Nano. We present a tracking method based on elastic light scattering that enables long-duration measurements of nanoparticle dynamics at rates of thousands of frames per second. We show that the method can track unlabeled dielectric particles as small as 20 nm as well as individual cowpea chlorotic mottle virus (CCMV) at rates of over 3 kHz for durations of tens of seconds.
  • October 2015, Our abstract on label-free tracking of single extracellular vesicles in a nano-fluidic optical fiber is accepted for an oral presentation at the SPIE conference in San Jose (13 February 2016).
  • August 2015, I joined the research group "Physics of Light in Complex Systems" (nanoLINX) at Utrecht University as a tenure-track assistant professor. This chair is led by Allard Mosk. We are looking for ambitious young scientists to join our group in one of the available PhD or Post-doc positions.